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eMining AG, created jointly by Kuhn Schweiz AG and Lithium Storage GmbH, wins the European eMove360° award with its eDumper – at first attempt. It is the world’s largest tyred electric vehicle, with an unladen weight of 45 tonnes and a total weight of 110 tons. 

eMining AG converts machines with conventional drive systems for the mining industry to electric drive and markets them world-wide. eMining AG helps customers towards their goal of "carbon-free mining". 

On 16 October 2017 the winners of the coveted innovation award were announced at a formal gala ceremony in Munich, in the presence of prominent ambassadors, the actor, author and documentary film-maker Hannes Jaenicke, TV journalist and author Nina Ruge and actor Nadeschda Brennicke, along with singer and entertainer Tobey Wilson. eMining AG won the eMove360° Award in the electric vehicles category, ahead of joint finalists AtTrack, TUMcreate and Volkswagen. 

Background information: 
The eMining AG company, together with a team of innovative minds, highly motivated technicians, engineers and professors, and with the support of the Swiss Federal Office of Energy (SFOE), responded to the major challenge set by Ciments Vigier S.A. 

The first 110-tonne eDumper was ordered by Ciments Vigier SA. The electric dumper truck from Switzerland, which was designed over the last 18 months and which has completed its initial trials, holds no less than three world records: the eDumper is the largest and most powerful battery-operated tyred electric vehicle ever, it is fitted with the largest battery ever manufactured for an electric vehicle and has the largest CO2 savings of any single vehicle. Furthermore, when it is operating it produces CO2-free electricity, as the limestone and marlstone is conveyed from the extraction area situated above the processing plant. Unlike a diesel-engined vehicle, the eDumper never has to be refuelled; the batteries are charged on the laden downhill leg using regenerative braking. If all the calculations prove correct, eMining's dumper will even be able to feed power into the local electricity grid in breaks between working. Twenty journeys per shift should result in a daily surplus of 200 kWh.

The greatest challenges involved the acquisition of the relevant data and the provision of identical or superior drive performance compared to a diesel-engined vehicle, the choice of the appropriate type of storage and the assembly of the cells into multiple reliable batteries, plus the construction of an appropriate motor which can achieve the required maximum speed of 40 kph and also cope with the enormous forces when driving a 110 tonne vehicle up a 12 per cent gradient. The components required for this result in the impressive overall performance. The motor (by Oswald Motoren GmbH), the transmission (Puls Getriebe GmbH), the batteries (Lithium Storage GmbH) and the inverter (Aradex AG) are all new designs based on the latest generation of industrial products. In September/October 2017, these components were installed into the empty chassis of the KOMATSU HD 605-7. The hydraulic pumps for the multi-disk brakes, tipper drive, servo support and pre-loading of the auxiliary braking system are driven by an additional 120 kW electric motor from the Bernese Oberland (Brienzer Motoren AG). The 700 kWh storage battery, consisting of 4 blocks, is installed in the engine compartment and in the space previously occupied by the diesel tank. 

Initial trials were carried out in Lommis in the canton of Thurgau (Kuhn Schweiz AG). In November the roadworthy machine arrived in the Rondchâtel industrial zones in Péry - La Heutte, where a new structure consisting of a steel/rubber tipper will be fitted to the rear. The green eMining dumper Number 1 will then travel through a 2.2 km tunnel into the La Tscharner extraction area, where it will be tested under the harshest conditions and handed over in spring 2018 to Ciments Vigier S.A. as the world’s largest Plus Energy vehicle (capable of exporting electricity). Over the next 10 years, eMining’s eDumper Number 1 will transport more than 300,000 tonnes a year and will be complimented in about a year's time when Ciments Vigier S.A. commissions an identical stablemate, enabling two times 1300 tonnes of CO2 and 1,000,000 litres of diesel to be saved.